Welcome to Wanchain

Wanchain is the infrastructure connecting the decentralized financial world.

What is Interoperability?

Interoperability is one of the most critical challenges to solve in order to reach a prosperous future in the blockchain industry.

The challenge exists because in order to develop the full, interconnected digital economy that we envision, all blockchains must first be able to transfer value and/or data between one another.

Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism is solving this challenge one integration at a time.

WAN Token Utility

WAN Token being the native token of Wanchain offers various utilities alongside basic value storage and transfer.

  • Proof of Stake Block Rewards
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Node Staking Rewards
  • Transaction Fee

Wanchain Roadmap


Wanchain’s Vision

Wanchain's vision is to create the ultimate decentralized banking solution.

We envision an open finance cross-chain world with all chains connected, all industries integrated and where Wanchain offers a one-stop shop for all financial services.

We aim to achieve this goal by building infrastructure to establish cross-chain integration with all major public and private blockchains.

2021 Plan

All roadmap items are subject to change.

Major upgrade to cross-chain mechanism in order to improve node operator economics and scalability 

Wide array of new asset and public blockchain integrations

Establish DeFi ecosystem which takes advantage of Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure.


Completed Milestones


Wanchain 5.0 01

wanBridges enable trustless cross-chain transactions

  • Permissionless wanBridge mechanism enables trustless cross-chain transactions between any pair of blockchains
  • Cross-chain wanBridges secured by trustless staking and delegation mechanism
  • Enables bidirectional asset transfer between Ethereum and Wanchain

Wanchain 4.0  02

T-Bridge Framework
  • T-Bridge framework enables cross-chain connection with private blockchains
  • T-Bridge enables the exchanges of assets and data between public and private blockchains

Galaxy Consensus 03

Galaxy Consensus Proof of Stake
  • Consensus mechanism upgraded to Galaxy Proof of Stake
  • Permissionless consensus mechanism based on Ouroboros Proof of Stake
  • Trustless & non-custodial delegation mechanism

Wanchain 3.0 04

Expansion of cross-chain mechanism to support both BTC and EOS transactions
  • Cross-chain transactions with BTC
  • Cross-chain transactions with EOS

Wanchain 2.0   05

Storeman group powered Wanchain — Ethereum cross-chain transactions

  • Cross-chain transactions with Ethereum
  • Permissioned Storeman groups enable cross-chain transactions

Wanchain 1.0  06

Mainnet Launch
  • Wanchain launches an independent blockchain focused on developing the interoperability and privacy features which are prerequisites for the future of digital finance
  • Theoretical blueprints for interoperability features completed
  • Features private transactions and smart contracts at launch with work on interoperability features underway

Genesis of "Wanchain"

“Wan” means “ten thousand” in Chinese, so the brand name ‘Wanchain’ translates to “ten thousand blockchains”. Wanchain is connecting the world’s many isolated blockchains.
WAN also refers to the ‘Wide Area Network’ in network terminology, and Wanchain is building a network of many blockchains that previously could not communicate.