Getting Started with Wanchain

Create your Wanchain Wallet to easily manage and send your WAN, 

store and send other digital assets, and perform cross-chain transactions.



WAN Token Utility

WAN Token being the native token of Wanchain offers various utilities alongside basic value storage and transfer.

  • Proof of Stake Block Rewards
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Node Staking Rewards
  • Transaction Fee

Wanchain Roadmap


Wanchain’s Vision

Wanchain's vision is to create the ultimate decentralized banking solution.

We envision an open finance cross-chain world with all chains connected, all industries integrated and where Wanchain offers a one-stop shop for all financial services.

We aim to achieve this goal by building infrastructure to establish cross-chain integration with all major public and private blockchains.

2021 Plan

All roadmap items are subject to change.

Major upgrade to cross-chain mechanism in order to improve node operator economics and scalability 

Wide array of new asset and public blockchain integrations

Establish DeFi ecosystem which takes advantage of Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure.


Completed Milestones


Wanchain 5.0 01

wanBridges enable trustless cross-chain transactions

  • Permissionless wanBridge mechanism enables trustless cross-chain transactions between any pair of blockchains
  • Cross-chain wanBridges secured by trustless staking and delegation mechanism
  • Enables bidirectional asset transfer between Ethereum and Wanchain

Wanchain 4.0  02

T-Bridge Framework
  • T-Bridge framework enables cross-chain connection with private blockchains
  • T-Bridge enables the exchanges of assets and data between public and private blockchains

Galaxy Consensus 03

Galaxy Consensus Proof of Stake
  • Consensus mechanism upgraded to Galaxy Proof of Stake
  • Permissionless consensus mechanism based on Ouroboros Proof of Stake
  • Trustless & non-custodial delegation mechanism

Wanchain 3.0 04

Expansion of cross-chain mechanism to support both BTC and EOS transactions
  • Cross-chain transactions with BTC
  • Cross-chain transactions with EOS

Wanchain 2.0   05

Storeman group powered Wanchain — Ethereum cross-chain transactions

  • Cross-chain transactions with Ethereum
  • Permissioned Storeman groups enable cross-chain transactions

Wanchain 1.0  06

Mainnet Launch
  • Wanchain launches an independent blockchain focused on developing the interoperability and privacy features which are prerequisites for the future of digital finance
  • Theoretical blueprints for interoperability features completed
  • Features private transactions and smart contracts at launch with work on interoperability features underway