Ways to Earn Yield on the Wanchain Ecosystem

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A comparison of the possibilities to earn more assets on the Wanchain ecosystem.


These are the options when you want to stake tokens. Staking is the safest way to earn rewards.

Staking on a Validator node

  • Asset: Wan

  • Current APY: around 8%

  • Risk of loss: no

  • Withdrawal: it will take 3 epochs (roughly 3 days) for funds to become available after withdrawing

Staking/delegating on Storeman Node

  • Asset: Wan

  • Current APY: around 13%

  • Risk of loss: no

  • Withdrawal: funds will be locked for the complete cycle of the Storeman group (1 cycle lasts one month). Need to withdraw before the 29th of each month or you will need to another cycle.

Staking in Hive on WanSwap

  • Asset: WASP

  • Current APY: Share of 1000 wan each week, exact amount depends on your share in the stake.

  • Risk of loss: no

  • Withdrawal: instant

Providing liquidity

These are the options for providing liquidity. Higher risk in some cases.

Providing liquidity on WanSwap farming pairs

  • Asset: list of pairs viewable here

  • Current APY: depends on pair and share in the pool. Liquidity providers also receive 0.25% of each trade done on the pair

  • Risk of loss: there is a risk of impermanent loss, more info can be found here

  • Withdrawal: instant

Providing liquidity on FinNexus mining pairs

  • Asset: FNX/WAN/wanUSDT

  • Current APY: between 0 and 318%, depends on several factors. More info here

  • Risk of loss: risk of Impermanent loss more info can be found here

  • Withdrawal: depends on the selected lock period


These are the options when you want to lend out your assets on WanLend, Wanchain’s compounding DApp.

  • Asset: a full list can be viewed here

  • Current APY: varies, check above link

  • Risk of loss: no risk when not using the deposited funds as collateral for borrowing other assets. If used as collateral there is a chance to be liquidated. More info here

  • Withdrawal: instant

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