Wanchain’s Galaxy Proof of Stake Consensus Paper Accepted by The SCI Indexed Chinese Journal of Electronics

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Recently, the Wanchain research team published a paper on Wanchain’s Galaxy Consensus mechanism titled “Baguena: A Practical Proof of Stake Protocol With a Robust Delegation Mechanism.” The paper has now formally been accepted by the SCI indexed journal, the Chinese Journal of Electronics, and will appear in a future issue of the publication. The acceptance of the paper is a high recognition of the innovation and practicality of the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus protocol by the academic community.

At present, Galaxy Consensus has been running steadily on the Wanchain mainnet for over 6 months, with 51 community operated validator nodes. As of March 23rd, the entire network has successfully attracted 26.13 million WAN in delegations, which accounts for about a quarter of the total WAN currently in circulation. See the Wanscan website for more details about the current state of Galaxy Consensus and the Wanchain network.

[Wanscan website](https://www.wanscan.org/)Wanscan website

The “Chinese Journal of Electronics” (CJE) was founded in 1992 and is an English-language academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics. The CJE is focused on the emerging field of electronics and publishes papers relating to innovative and transformative research. Most of the papers published in the CJE originate from the research results of universities and research institutions. The CJE includes both theoretical and practical papers, and places special emphasis on original research papers that propose new solutions to hot issues in the field of electronics.

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