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Wanchain Community,

The month of June has been an incredibly productive month for the Wanchain team, working around the clock to deliver product updates and new DApps on Wanchain, including Jack’s Pot, the new no loss lottery game! Keep reading to find out more. 😎

Goodbye to an Old Friend…

In July 2020, Wanchain VP of Communications Oliver Birch steps down from his role in Wanchain. Oliver has been with Wanchain since nearly the beginning, and played a vital role in the establishment and growth of Wanchain’s global community of over 100 thousand. The Wanchain family will miss Oliver and wishes him success in all his future endeavors.

…and Hello to Some New Ones!

As Oliver steps down, several team members will be stepping up to take on larger roles with new responsibilities, and the Wanchain team is also welcoming several new team mates with very impressive records.

  • Steven He will be bringing his 25+ years of experience as a sales and business development leader as he joins the team as new VP of Business development.

  • Professor Nicholas Krapels joins the Wanchain team as Director of Growth and Strategy. Professor K., as he is widely known, is an expert in economics and entrepreneurship who specializes in business strategy.

  • Lini will transition from his current role as VP of Business Development to a new role as VP of Operations.

  • Bryan Ye who has been with Wanchain for over three years as a marketing manager will be taking on the new role of Director of Marketing. Bryan has many years of experience in marketing and business development within high tech industries.

  • Noah Maizels who joined Wanchain as a marketing manager in 2018 will be taking on the role of Director of Communications. Noah has played a key role in Wanchain’s content creation and community development, and will be the key point of contact for the global community going forward.

You can look forward to learning more about Wanchain’s new team members and the initiatives they are working over the next few weeks, stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium to get the scoop!

STO Platform launches on Wanchain with Oracle Innovation Partner of the Year, Talium

Wanchain is extremely delighted to announce a partnership with the French securities and software as a Service (SaaS) company Talium with the launch of the first Security Token Offering (STO) platform on Wanchain.

Chapter 1 — The Platform: Wanchain components, and the Off-Chain components

Talium has developed a blockchain-agnostic & modular Security Token issuance solution which integrates all of the tools necessary for a compliant and robust security token issue, including:

  • Tokens “pad” and “designer” dashboard.

  • The security token issuance will happen on Wanchain’s public blockchain. Although not defined yet, we are looking into the WRC1400 standard. Credit goes to Polymath for creating this standard on Ethereum “ERC1400”).

  • KYT — (Know your transaction) KYT is to identify potentially risky transactions and their underlying unusual behavior for detecting money laundering, fraud or corruption.” More granular and trustworthy than standard yearly KYC/AML checks.

  • Integration of crypto and fiat payments, directly or via PSPs

  • Investor documents with completely verifiable-digital signatures

  • A dynamic compliance rule engine

STO Launch Article

Wanchain Partnership Updates

Wanchain Partners with Moonstake

Moonstake is extremely delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Wanchain to jointly work together for building a more enabling staking ecosystem.

**Learn more!**

More sections were recently added to explorewanchain.org

• Cross chain transaction guide for light wallet here

• Dapp store here

• Import keystore from old wallet instructions here

• Updated features list here

We also recently released video guides on our YouTube channel

• Wandora Box video guide here

• Cross-chain transaction video guide here

Mobile Wallet 3.0: DApp Store & All New “Red Packet”

Use all your favorite Wanchain DApps on the go with the WanWallet mobile wallet 3.0 update — Featuring the mobile exclusive Red Packet DApp which lets you send crypto without knowing the recipient’s address, and other fun features!

Learn more!

Decentralized No-Loss Lottery, “Jack’s Pot” Goes Live!

Jack’s Pot is the newly launched Wanchain based no-loss lottery DApp inspired the Ethereum based no-loss lottery DApp, Pool Together.

Enable Jack’s Pot in the Wanchain Light Wallet Dapp Store, or visit the web interface to start playing! We hope you enjoy the game, let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Telegram!

Learn more!

Wanchain Featured in “Blockchain Bridges Explained” by Cointelegraph

“Wanchain was one of the earlier projects to enter the interoperability space. In January, it launched the fourth version of its mainnet, introducing the T-Bridge framework, which enables the transfer of data and digital assets between blockchains.”
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DEXes Galore! WRDEX and Bitlly DEX are live and available in the Wanchain DApp Store

Decentralized exchanges WRDEX from Wanchain ecosystem project RiveX and Bitlly DEX from previous Wanchain collaborator Bitllywood are the two newest DApps to be added to Wanchain’s rapidly expanding DApp store. The DApp store, which is available through the Wanchain official desktop wallet, hosts decentralized applications (DApps) which run by third party operators and built on top of the Wanchain blockchain. The DApp store launched recently with the Wandora Box DApp (video guide) from Wanchain ecosystem project FinNexus, and is set to continue expanding further.

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Trade on WRDEX

Trade on BitllyDex

Recent AMA with Gains Associates

AMA Recap

Wanchain community section

Get caught up on the latest Wanchain and crypto industry news with WanTalk, a series of episodes where the Wanchain team and guests from the Wanchain ecosystem share updates and insights!

WanTalk Episode One

Jack Lu, Lini, and Noah Maizels talk Wanchain updates, WRDEX, the decentralized cross chain DEX, Wanchain’s newest DAPP, Wandora, FinNexus, Rivex, and more!

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WanTalk Episode two

The second episode of WanTalk features Wanchain CEO Jack Lu along with VP of Engineering Weijia, VP of Communications Oliver Birch, and Technical Marketing Manager Noah Maizels discussing the newest events and upcoming developments in the world of Wanchain.

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WanTalk Episode three

In WanTalk Episode 3 Wanchain ecosystem project FinNexus has joined us to share more about what they are doing with tokenized assets, options, and their innovative token sale model.

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WanTalk Episode Four

In WanTalk Episode 4 Wanchain ecosystem project RiveX has joined us to share more about their recently released crosschain decentralized exchange, WRDEX.

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WanTalk Episode Five

Input caption text here. Use the block’s Settings tab to change the caption position and set other styles.WanTalk Episode 5 features Wanchain founder and CEO Jack Lu, Wanchain head of business development Lini, Wanchain community manager, ambassador, and RiveX global community lead Liam van Zyl, Professor Nicholas Krapels and Ryan Tian from FinNexus, and is hosted by Wanchain marketing manager Noah Maizels.

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Wanchain Roadmap 2020

2019 — Galaxy Consensus Was Born
2019 was a pivotal year for Wanchain; most notably our consensus mechanism was upgraded from permissioned proof of work (PPOW) to proof of stake (POS) using Galaxy PoS Consensus. The new POS consensus mechanism developed by Wanchain’s research team and draws from the research done by IOHK for Cardano with the Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm.

2020 — Focus on Applications
While 2019 was all about Galaxy Consensus, in 2020, we are making a significant pivot to focus on making Wanchain a better choice for dApp developers. This will be done both through additional tools that make the Wanchain dApp building process more accessible than ever, as well as upgrades to GWAN, the Wanchain core protocol client.

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