Wanchain Full Node Wallet (Legacy Wallet) Development Ending —

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The Wallet Will Continue to Function Normally, But We Recommend You Switch to the Light Desktop Wallet, See Instructions Below

Dear Wanchain Community:

Due to the increased block height and longer sync up time of the full-node wallet, the Wanchain team is suspending development of the Wanchain Full-node wallet, and it will no longer receive future updates.

As of April 2nd, 2020, Wanchain Full-node Wallet be permanently removed from the download resources of the Wanchain official website, however it will continue to function normally.

The Wanchain Full-node Wallet files will still be available on Wanchain’s official Github, but we do not encourage its use.

We strongly recommend that users instead use the Wanchain Light Wallet or Wanchain Mobile Wallet. The following steps tell you how to import the Keystore file with your WAN assets included from the Full-node Wallet to the light wallet.

Recommended Method — Generate a New Account in the New Wanchain Light Wallet and Transfer All Your Assets from the Old Desktop Wallet

  1. Navigate to the Wanchain.org — Get Started page and download the Desktop Light or Mobile wallet

  2. Follow the in app instructions for creating an account, make certain to save your pass phrase in a safe place.

  3. Use your old Desktop wallet to transfer your WAN and WRC-20 assets (WBTC, WETH, etc.) to your new Wanchain address which you created in the Desktop Light wallet.

  4. Transfer ETH, ERC-20, and BTC to the newly created accounts in your Desktop Light wallet. Make certain to send native tokens to their native chains: i.e., ETH and ERC-20 to your Ethereum address, and BTC to your Bitcoin address.

  5. Once you have transferred all your assets to the newly generated accounts in the Desktop Light wallet, you are finished. All your assets can be backed up and restored using your passphrase which you generated with the Desktop Light wallet. (Note that the passphrase can not be used to back up or restore any assets in the old Desktop wallet).

Discouraged Method — Import Keystore File From Wanchain Full-node Wallet To Wanchain Light Wallet

(This method is discouraged because any accounts imported by keystore file will not be backed up with the passphrase you generated in the new Desktop Light wallet.

We strongly recommend instead that you follow the previous method of transferring all assets to newly generated accounts in the new Desktop Light wallet)

1. Find the Keystore File

First, find the Keystore file in the installation path of the Wanchain Full-node Wallet.

Please note that the wallet supports both testnet and mainnet. You need to make sure that keystores for the same network are copied. The keystores files for testnet and mainnet are in different directories.

Back up your keystore files in a safe place, they are the only way to recover your account. You will need to use this keystore to recover your account every time reinstall the Wanchain wallet. Your passphrase on the Light Wallet will not recover accounts which were generated in the old wallet. Alternatively, you can simply transfer your assets to an account generated with the Light Wallet.

Open the Full-node Wallet, find File->Backup->Accounts, and find the Keystore file

If your Wanchain Full-node Wallet fails to open, you can find the Keystore file directly through the path

Path in Windows:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\wanchain\keystore

Path in Mac:/Users/xxxx/Library/wanchain/keystore

Path in Linux:/home/user/.wanchain/keystore

The Keystore file is shown as follows:

2. Import Keystore File

Second, open and log in Wanchain Light Wallet, and click on Asset->Wanchain->Import Keystore File

3. Input Passwords

Third, in the pop-up dialog window, input the password of your Wanchain Full-node Wallet, the password of current Wanchain Light Wallet, and load the Keystore file you want. Click on Submit.

Click on Wallet->WAN on the left panel of Wanchain Light Wallet, you can see the Keystore-related WAN address and the WAN balance of this address.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose this method, it is important that you save BOTH the passphrase you generated in the new Desktop Light wallet and also the Keystore file from the old Desktop wallet in order to make certain all your assets are backed up. We therefore strongly recommend you choose the previous method for switching wallets.

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