Wanchain ecosystem project FinNexus has just opened Wandora Box!

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Wandora Box is the first DApp game to hit the Wanchain mainnet

Wandora Box hit the Wanchain mainnet on March 30th, 2020, as the first ever decentralized prediction game to launch on Wanchain. Wandora Box is a fun, fair, and simple game where users can win prizes by correctly predicting the price trend of WAN/BTC over a period of time. Any user who makes a correct prediction will win a prize. As a fun additional twist, all users who make a prediction will be enrolled in a lottery where they have a chance to win another prize, regardless of whether or not their prediction is correct.

Play now!

You can play the DApp now here. (Compatible with the WanMask Chrome extension). Keep reading below for more instructions about how to play.

6000 WAN In rewards for early participants!

To reward early users of Wandora Box, the FinNexus team is offering 6000 WAN in prizes!

The specific event details and participation methods was announced on FinNexus’s Medium, so check it out and also follow their Twitter so you can know more updates.

Wandora box: How to play

Wandora Box is currently compatible with WanMask. A new version of the Wanchain desktop light wallet will be launched in early April with direct support for Wandora Box. And Ledger and Trezor will also support for Wandora Box then.

You can select your wallet at the Wandora Box app main page:

To play, you choose an amount of WAN to place on your prediction, and your prediction of the price movement of the WAN / BTC trading pair (either UP or DOWN).

Wandora Box issues prizes every 8 hours, at 4 am, 12 noon and 8 pm (Beijing time — UTC+8).

At the end of each round, the prize pot will be divided amongst those who made correct predictions according to the the ratio of the amount each user placed on their prediction vs the total amount placed by all other users who made a correct prediction. (ie, if you placed 2 WAN and made a correct prediction, and the total amount placed on correct predictions including your 2 WAN is 20 WAN, then you will get 10% of the prize pot). The WAN will be automatically transferred to the player’s wallet address.

Extra Lottery Game

In addition to allowing players to participate in predicting price changes to win rewards, Wandora Box also allows players to play another game simultaneously, a prize lottery. Players will automatically be entered in the lottery regardless of whether they guessed the WAN price UP or DOWN. The winners will be awarded the WAN in the lottery pool.

Note: Each time a player makes a prediction of UP or DOWN, 90% of the bet amount will go to prediction prize pool, and 10% will go to the lottery prize pool.

For a detailed guide to the rules of the game, see the documentation on Github:

Game results determined by a fair and verifiable random number generation algorithm

In Wanchain’s PoS Galaxy Consensus mechanism, the Wanchain research team has introduced a secure and efficient random generation algorithm. The Wandora Box game uses the random numbers generated as part of Galaxy Consensus to determine the results of the lottery.

The random number generation algorithm used in Galaxy Consensus complies with the 6 key elements of true random number generation:

The Six Elements of A Good Random Number Generator:

Decentralized: If the random number generation process is decentralized, you do not need to rely on a trusted third party.

Unpredictable: It is impossible to predict future random numbers based on historically generated random numbers or other information. This is the basic requirement of “randomness”.

Unbiased: No one can use the computing power or latecomer advantage to target the random number generation result.

Uniformity: The output random number is uniformly distributed in its range.

Guaranteed Output Delivery: Participants in the random number generation algorithm cannot make it impossible to output random numbers by violating the algorithm, that is, random number output is bound to occur.

Publicly Verifiable: Nodes that are not involved in random number generation can monitor the implementation of the protocol in a posteriori manner to verify that the random number is credible and unbiased.

Therefore, the random number generation used to determine the winners in Wandora Box is safe, fair and publicly verifiable.

About FinNexus

FinNexus is building an open finance protocol to power hybrid marketplaces that trade both decentralized and traditional financial products. The FNX token will live on the Wanchain blockchain to take advantage of the most robust cross-chain capabilities currently available in the industry. The first products FinNexus plans on releasing will be innovative tokenized assets (available Q1 2020) with value based on real world cash flows.

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