Wanchain & Clubpass Form Strategic Cooperation

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The Korean based company provides ticketing services for clubs and entertainment events and aims to integrate blockchain into its business using Wanchain’s technology

On August 27, 2019, Wanchain and Korean music and entertainment company ClubPass jointly announced a strategic cooperation and will carry out extensive, in-depth exchanges on marketing, technology, and communities, so as to jointly promote blockchain technology.

ClubPass is an exclusive club ticket platform in Seoul, Korea. It is already affiliated with over 50 clubs in Korea. It is one of the most popular mobile ticket systems in Korea. The total number of registered users is 220,000, and has over 50 thousand monthly active users. Blockchain will be introduced in various fields such as music streaming, reward systems, copyright management, and payment.

Wanchain has a global team that uses a decentralized cross-chain mechanism to build a distributed infrastructure. Wanchain 4.0 will launch at the end of the year. The new release will integrate the Wanchain public chain with enterprise chains such as Hyperledger in order to allow for the free flow of assets between public blockchain networks and traditional financial networks.

Areas of Cooperation:

Resource Sharing

China and South Korea are two of the most important blockchain markets in the world. Due to differences in culture, languages, and policies, the parties in one market who want to enter the other market often have high barriers. Wanchain and CPASS will leverage their respective local media and market resourcesto help each other solve language and cultural barriers.

Technical Cooperation

Wanchain has rich experience in blockchain development and unique cross-chain mechanism innovation and will provide ClubPass with vital blockchain technical support services. One such area ClubPass intends to work with Wanchain on is the usage of stable coins for payments. Based on Wanchain’s cross chain technology, users would have access to multiple stable coins without requiring CPASS to integrate each stable coin’s own chain separately.

Business Networks

As a Korean ticketing platform, CPASS necessarily involves the business cooperation of offline companies. When CPASS needs to enter the Chinese market, Wanchain will share its valuable Chinese business network. CPASS will in turn share its own extensive network in Korean to help Wanchain with it’s efforts there.

Online & Offline Meetups

Meetups in the blockchain are very important. They are one of the the drivers of the widespread growth of blockchain technology. Wanchain and CPASS will use their respective community resources to plan online and offline meetups across both China and South Korea in the future.

Any new progress in the cooperation between Wanchain and Clubpass will be announced through our official channels.

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