USDT Hits the Wanchain Mainnet

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It has been integrated into the Wanchain Light Wallet and is available for use now!

Wanchain has successfully implemented the mainnet cross-chain integration of USDT , the largest stablecoin by market cap. As a stablecoin USDT with the largest number of users and the most abundant application scenarios, this cross-chain connection paves the way for the creation of new applications and more integrations with the wider ecosystem.

Wanchain also released a new version of Wanchain desktop wallet (V1.2.1) that is compatible with cross-chain USDT. Users can manage USDT assets directly on their wallets to complete cross-chain USDT to WUSDT / WUSDT to USDT transactions..

With the Wanchain light wallet, you can easily manage cross chain USDT

You can download the latest version of the Wanchain desktop wallet on the Wanchain official website.

If you have installed an old version of the desktop light wallet before, a prompt asking for an update will pop up, and you can follow the instructions to update.

How to Use in the Light Wallet

To use USDT in the light wallet, the USDT option needs to be checked on the settings tab:

After which USDT will appear in your portfolio:

In the cross-chain interface, you can easily transfer from USDT to WUSDT. Before transferring, please make sure that there is sufficient ETH and WAN in each respective account to pay the gas fee required for the cross-chain transaction process on each chain.

Note: USDT currently has three versions: the version issued based on Ethereum (ERC20 tokens), the version issued based on BTC Omnilayer, and the version issued based on TRON (TRC20 tokens). The Wanchain cross-chain integration is based on the Ethereum version.

This cross chain integration is being launched just in time for the cross-chain DEX being built by Wanchain’s ecosystem project RiveX.

Once the DEX is launched, USDT trading pairs against WAN, BTC, ETH, EOS and other cross-chain decentralized assets will be available through WRDEX.


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