Updates from November 2019

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Wanchain Community,

November has been an important month for the Wanchain ecosystem, with updates from the China Business Development team, our community ambassador program, and the start of registration for the Insights Summit.

Let’s take a look at what happened throughout November!

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Wanchain China Business Development Update

Following China’s embrace of blockchain technology and president Xi Jinping’s recent words promoting an increase in the speed of development and adoption of blockchain within the country, we have received a dramatic increase in requests from companies and institutions looking to integrate blockchain into their organizations. We have already begun consulting on a number of projects in a variety of different industries for applications based on both the public Wanchain blockchain as well as our private blockchain framework, Lanchain.

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Ambassador Program Updates

A few months have gone by since we first introduced the Global Ambassador Program. Throughout this time, we have seen significant work, dedication, and enthusiasm from many of our community ambassadors. We are delighted with the results and look forward to working even more closely with everyone.

Wanchain Validator’s AMA Recap

A recap of last week’s Validator AMA with the Wanchain team.
Participants included:
Molin — One of Wanchain’s lead developers
Demmon Zhong — Core member of Wanchain’s research team
Albert — Product lead at Wanchain

Ecosystem Updates

Wanchain and FinNexus announce “Insights,” the online blockchain summit — Apply to present today!

Insights is an all free, all online educational blockchain summit co-hosted by Wanchain and FinNexus where experts from across the blockchain industry will present about a wide variety of topics including technology, marketing, community building, DeFi, and more.

Wanchain Galaxy PoS listed at stakingrewards

Recent Developments

Cross-chain DEX Prototype

The Wanchain team is currently building a prototype cross-chain DEX with deposit / withdrawal to and from various native chains.

Wanchain Light Wallet Updated to 1.1.0

The 1.1.0 version of the Wanchain desktop light wallet was released on October 25, 2019, with three major new features.

  • Privacy support for WAN transactions

  • Trezor support

  • French language support (Thank you to our community member and validator, StarWan!)

Download the new wallet here.

Announcing the burning of 21,000,000 WAN by the Wanchain Foundation 🔥🔥🔥🔥

At 11:02:30 on November 5, 2019, Beijing time, the Wanchain Foundation burned 21 million WAN tokens. The tokens were transferred to the address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (commonly known as the“zero address”). Those 21 million WAN were reserved initially by the Wanchain Foundation to be used as an incentive for the miners.

Wanchain users can now use their WAN to get loans on Constant

The peer to peer crypto loan platform allows users to take out loans in USD or stablecoins using cryptocurrency as collateral. Constant P2P lending platform started offering USD loans using WAN as collateral with a few users already taking out loans.

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