New Version of Wanchain Mobile Wallet: Adding ERC20 and WRC20 Tokens Freely

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Today, the new version (V2.0.2) of Wanchain is released. The highlight feature of this version is that users can freely add WRC20 tokens which have been created on Wanchain mainnet and add ERC20 tokens which have been successfully crosschain integrated with Wanchain mainnet.

Download Or Upgrade Your Mobile Wallet

Please download the mobile wallet from Wanchain website if you didn't install it:


Click on OK to upgrade on your mobile wallet if you have installed Wanchain mobile wallet

Add ERC20 or WRC20 Tokens (such as FNX, RVX)

Click on the menu button which is on the top-left corner, and choose Settings

Choose Asset Display Switch on Settings

Select ERC20 or WRC20 tokens you want to add in the list;

You can manually add new types of tokens (such as FNX, RVX, etc) if the tokens are not in the list. Here is an example of how to add FNX. Click on Add

Choose WAN as the Chain Type, and input Token Address. You can go to Wanchain browser to check the smart contract address of each token


FNX address: 0xc6f4465a6A521124c8E3096b62575C157999d361

RVX address: 0xcb72EF349870780Fdc4786e8c86AaB5B4Fa36B73

WWAN address: 0xDABd997Ae5e4799be47D6e69d9431615cbA28F48

After you input the information, click on Search, and then click on OK

Now, the new token FNX is added in the Asset Display Switch. Select FNX, and click on Save

You can see the FNX is shown on the main interface

It is quite simple. More and more new types of Wanchain ecosystem tokens will be integrated in the wallet. Stay tuned.