Instructions for Wanchain client nodes to prepare for the “Mars version” hard fork

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First of all, a great big thank you to all nodes, exchanges, and partners for their long-term support!

We are happy to share with you that Wanchain mainnet client nodes will undergo a hard fork next week. This version has been termed the “Mars” version. This is an important milestone after the Mercury hard fork at the end of December 2019.

The hard fork will be at 8:00am UTC+8, October 22, 2020, when the epoch ID of Galaxy consensus reaches 18557

This “Mars” hard fork will prepare the necessary upgrades for the expected mainnet launch of Wanchain 5.0 “Zodiac” in November. At the same time, Storeman cross-chain node groups will launch a series of wanTokens (cross-chain assets) and Related DeFi products, such as cross-chain asset trading, cross-chain liquidity farming, etc. In the “Mars” version, the node client will have the following upgraded features:

New Features:

1) Added multiple pre-compiled contract interfaces for new 5.0 cross-chain functions.

2) Removed the whitelist nodes for PoS consensus protocol for more complete PoS node decentralization.

3) Bug fixes & optimizations.

Upgrade method:

There are two methods for node upgrade, automated script upgrade and manual upgrade:

1) Script upgrade:

We have prepared a convenient upgrade script. Users who use the script to deploy can execute the following instructions after logging in to the cloud service node with SSH:

$ rm updateMainnetValidator.sh
$ wget [https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wanchain/go-wanchain/develop/loadScript/updateMainnetValidator.sh](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wanchain/go-wanchain/develop/loadScript/updateMainnetValidator.sh) && chmod +x updateMainnetValidator.sh && ./updateMainnetValidator.sh
(Tutorial URL: [https://www.explorewanchain.org/#/staking/pos-scripts?id=mainnet-validator-node-upgrade-script](https://www.explorewanchain.org/#/staking/pos-scripts?id=mainnet-validator-node-upgrade-script))

2) Manually upgrade the main network node:

If it is a customized operating environment, you can manually download the 2.1.6 version of the binary file on the release page, and replace and upgrade the GWAN node: https://github.com/wanchain/go-wanchain/releases

If you have any questions, please use your official troubleshooting chat group: https://t.me/WanchainSupport

Finally, thank you again for your support to Wanchain, and we’re looking forward to Wanchain 5.0 - Zodiac mainnet to bring the whole industry a surprise combination of new technologies and products!

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