EOS to wanEOS Crosschain Operation

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Step by step guide for EOS cross-chain transactions

Step 1 Create EOS account

Open Wanchain desktop light wallet (Wanwallet), choose menu, select Wallet → More Tokens, and select EOS@EOS and wanEOS@Wanchain.

Then in Wallet → EOS → @EOS, click the “Create” button to create a key pair, and then copy the public key, use it in a third party EOS wallet application or create a new EOS account.

For details, please refer to the official Wanchain docs.

After connecting or creating an EOS account with this public key, click the “Import” button to import this account.

If you already have an EOS account, you can import the private key through (Settings → Import, click the Continue button, then select EOS, import the private key).

Step 2: Transfer EOS coins to Wanwallet

Transfer EOS coins to the your Wanwallet EOS account from other EOS wallets or exchanges.

After receiving the coins, don’t forget to purchase some RAM, CPU, and NET resources, which are required for EOS transactions.

Step 3: Convert EOS to wanEOS

Select Cross Chain → EOS 0 → EOS ↔ Wanchain, and then click the Convert button from the menu.

Choose the address you want to receive wanEOS (that is, the same address as your WAN coin address in the Wanwallet).

Enter the amount needed, and then click the Next button.

Make sure you have enough EOS, CPU, and RAM to send the transaction, and the receiver needs to have a small amount of WAN coins

On the cross-chain transaction confirmation page, after verifying that the information is correct, click the Send button.

Step 4: Check transfer status

In the transfer history, you can find the status of the cross-chain transaction,
and wanEOS will be displayed in the receiving address when the processes is completed.

There are several normal statuses:
• Lock request sent
• Lock request has been executed (this may take a little longer to wait for block confirmation on the EOS network)
• Locked
• Redemption request sent
• Success

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