Cointelegraph China Interviews Jack Lu — “Cross-chain DeFi” Is Trending in 2021

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Here is the original Chinese version of the Cointelegraph interview

2020 was a year full of opportunities and challenges for the global economy. But for the crypto world, blockchain and cryptocurrencies fully proved its value in 2020.

In early January, 2021, the crypto world began a new journey. Cointelegraph China interviewed representatives from well-known token funds, exchanges, mining companies, public chains, DeFi projects, crypto KOLs, etc., and listened to their judgments on the trend in 2021, what aspects attract them most, and what hopes and goals do they have in 2021?

Here is the interview contents between Cointelegraph China and Jack Lu.

  1. What is the crypto keyword in 2021?

A: Cross-chain DeFi

2. What is the message you’d like to send across the crypto industry in 2021?

A: Wanchain’s innovative cross-chain mechanism will allow different chains and applications enjoy the DeFi feast. Every person will become a witness and creator of the Internet of Value.

3. Will the current trend in the blockchain industry keep going? What trends will we see in 2021 that we didn’t experience in 2020?

A: In 2020, we encountered the Covid-19 pandemic, and also experienced an unprecedented sharp drop on March 12th, 2020. But with the explosion of DeFi, one of the leading characters in blockchain industry in 2020, we can say that DeFi has become the most important trend in 2020, and with the development of DeFi, the whole crypto world has ushered in a long-lost market boom. I believe that the blockchain industry will further heat up the trend in 2021. Capital, talents, and resources will further gather in the industry. Blockchain technology and applications will accelerate their iteration. The periodic bull market will come to the crypto world.

In the field of public chains, with the great success of DeFi applications on single public chains in 2020, the cross-chain DeFi will surely take over the “relay baton” of single chain DeFi in 2021, making the cross-chain DeFi dapps boom in multiple public chains. And I believe that Wanchain will be one of the leading roles for this “relay”.

In the consortium chain field, more and more industries will be penetrated by blockchain technology in 2021. Cross-chain technology will usher in demand growth, and the blockchain will play an increasingly important role in the digital economy and the economic society.

4. What is the most attractive point for you in the blockchain world? what is your goal or hope in 2021?

A: The development of the blockchain world is like turbulent ocean waves, one after another, both thrilling and beautiful. This attracts me most.

In the past few years, the Wanchain team has been concentrating on the development and innovation of cross-chain infrastructure. We have fulfilled the milestones promised in the white paper. Looking forward to 2021, we hope that more and more global users will come to the Wanchain community, that the Wanchain cross-chain mechanism can bring real value to the institutional users and individual users, and that the entire industry can truly appreciate the great significance of all chains connected.

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