Celebrating 2019 — A Year of Many Milestones!

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As we roll on into the new year, it’s time to take a look back and reflect at all we have accomplished in the last twelve months. 2019 has been a truly monumental year for the Wanchain team and community, and we are looking forward to even greater developments in 2020!

1) January — Telefonica Partnership

On January 17, 2019, Telefónica Group and Rivetz jointly announced the establishment of a formal partnership with Wanchain. Wanchain provided a blockchain solution to help Rivetz implement the most advanced next-generation privacy protection and network security for enterprise and retail mobile phone users.

This cooperation expands the DualRoots of Trust technology, which can provide carrier-grade identity authentication and e-commerce protection for tens of millions of mobile phone devices worldwide. Wanchain will integrate Rivetz’s advanced hardware protection technology to provide new security guarantees for the timely on-chain of transaction information and related data.

2) February — Lanched New Documentation Website ExploreWanchain.org

In February we launched our new documentation website, ExploreWanchain.org, to provide extensive information about the Wanchain ecosystem and technology.

ExploreWanchain.org Documentation WebsiteExploreWanchain.org Documentation Website

3) March — Staking Pilot Program

On March 15th, 2019, Wanchain launched a three month staking pilot program where users were invited to participate in staking on the Wanchain testnet. Participants in the program helped to test staking on Wanchain, and were rewarded with a bounty paid in mainnet WAN. The pilot program was a crucial step in getting ready for the launch of staking on the mainnet.

04) April — iWan Goes Online

On April 3, 2019, iWAN officially went live. iWan stands for “interface to Wanchain”, and is aimed at providing users with a secure, convenient, open, and stable Wanchain network full-node service, including the Wanchain mainnet and testnet. Through the API and development tools provided by iWan, users can obtain information about Wanchain and cross-chain information through query services, and make transactions on Wanchain. iWan takes care of low-level functions for users so they can fully focus on the business layer, and focus on how to develop decentralized applications that meet their engineering needs.

05) April — Held the first EEA China Blockchain Seminar

On February 14, 2019, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) officially announced the establishment of a China office, and appointed Zhang Weijia, Wanchain’s vice president of global engineering and technology, as the general representative of China for the EEA.

On April 12, the first EEA China Blockchain Symposium was hosted by in Wanchain’s Beijing office. The seminar attracted the participation of representatives from nearly 30 participating organizations including companies, news organizations, and institutions from all over the country.

Dr. Weijia Zhang Represents the EEA in ChinaDr. Weijia Zhang Represents the EEA in China

06) April — Galaxy Consensus Research Paper Released

On April 1, 2019, the Wanchain research and development team released the Galaxy Consensus Proof of Stake research paper. This paper was the result of months of dedication by the academics and engineers in Wanchain’s research and engineering teams in Beijing and Austin.

07) April — Established the WanDevsD eveloper Community

On April 8, 2019, Wanchain established the developer community WanDevs. WanDevs is focused on building, advocating, and growing the world’s most advanced cross-blockchain technology. It is a community for developers to expand their skillsets and learn more about Wanchain. At Wandevs developers can use their Solidity skills to build powerful cross-blockchain applications on Wanchain that can leverage the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS blockchains (with more to come). The community is supported by the Wanchain Foundation, in that the Foundation will provide ongoing support to developers as well as the opportunity for financial support for excellent dApps or tools that emerge from the community.

08) September — Galaxy Proof of Stake Consensus Launches on the Mainnet

At 11:11:03 AM Beijing time on September 2, 2019, the Wanchain mainnet consensus mechanism successfully switched from PoW consensus to PoS Galaxy Consensus at block height 4,046,000.

09) August — Wanchain Light Wallet, New Website (& other new product updates)

On August 19th, we released many new products including a new website, desktop light wallet, new explorer website, and Android mobile wallet. The new releases coincided with the release of staking on the Wanchain mainnet, and support many essential and useful functions for stakers and delegators of WAN.

10) October — Released Cross-chain DEX Prototype

On October 17, 2019, the Wanchain team announced the development of a cross-chain DEX prototype suitable for multiple public chains. The DEX prototype integrates Wanchain’s cross-chain technology and DDEX’s Hydro protocol SDK. Users will be able to check the balance in the wallet interface, and can also do cross-chain transactions.

As an open source project, any DEX operator may use Wanchain’s cross-chain DEX source code for free and build their own cross-chain DEX. Any wallet provider can integrate Wanchain’s cross-chain DEX into their own wallet. We firmly believe that fully decentralized cross-chain trading is the future, and we are working hard to achieve this ambitious goal.

12) December — Established East China Office

On December 17, 2019, in the beautiful Jiangnan water town of Hangzhou, the inaugural ceremony for the new Wanchain East China Headquarters was held.

The blockchain industry is still in a very early stage of development, and a promising future lies ahead. In East China, with its highly developed economy, Wanchain is set to make a significant impact on both private enterprise and government industries. The opening of the Wanchain East office marks a major development for Wanchain’s operations and expansion efforts.

Jack Lu Speaks at the Inaugural Ceremony of the Wanchain East OfficeJack Lu Speaks at the Inaugural Ceremony of the Wanchain East Office

13) December — Published roadmap for 2020

On December 9, 2019, the Wanchain 2020 roadmap was released. In 2020, the team will focus on making Wanchain more friendly to dApp developers. A series of new tools will be launched to facilitate the development of dApps, as well as upgrades to the GWAN core protocol client.

Wanchain will further expand the scope of cross-chain integration in 2020. In addition to integrating new ERC-20 and EOS tokens, Wanchain will also integrate at least two new public chains.

Wanchain will gradually open the cross-chain Storeman node system to the public, and eventually realize the complete decentralization of cross-chain Storeman nodes.

The Wanchain team will research and develop standards-based cross-chain mechanisms and infrastructure, research cross-chain integration prototypes of Libra and other tokens, and research heterogeneous token NFT cross-chain mechanism prototypes.

14) December — Cross-chain Integration of EOS on the Wanchain Testnet

The Wanchain team has successfully completed the integration of EOS on Wanchain. The wEOS token is now available for cross chain transactions on the Wanchain testnet. You can manage your native EOS account including CPU, NET, and RAM, directly through the Wanchain wallet, and can transact with cross-chain wEOS tokens on the Wanchain testnet through the Wan Wallet’s cross-chain interface.

As the third major public blockchain integration with Wanchain, EOS is a big step forward for the team. The EOS integration marks the connection of one the largest and most vibrant blockchain communities in the world after Ethereum and Bitcoin. We welcome the EOS community to try out the Wanchain wallet and explore both its EOS based functions as well as the wEOS cross-chain implementation on the Wanchain blockchain itself.

Looking Forward to a Productive 2020!

We’re proud of all we have accomplished in 2019, but there is still much to do! We expect that 2020 will be a landmark year for both Wanchain and for the blockchain community at large. With the growing importance of blockchain interoperability, Wanchain is dedicated to providing the most advanced solutions for cross chain transactions of assets an data, and the development of cross-chain applications.

A big thank you to the Wanchain community, and a happy new year!

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