August 2020 AMA

Thank you for all your questions! We read and discuss every single question and consult with all relevant team members to get the best answer for each question before publishing. This AMA features answers from: Wanchain Founder & CEO Jack Lu Wanchain Director of Communications Noah Maizels Wanchain VP of Read more…

New Version of Wanchain Mobile Wallet: Adding ERC20 and WRC20 Tokens Freely

Today, the new version (V2.0.2) of Wanchain is released. The highlight feature of this version is that users can freely add WRC20 tokens which have been created on Wanchain mainnet and add ERC20 tokens which have been successfully crosschain integrated with Wanchain mainnet.

Download Or Upgrade Your Mobile Wallet

Please download the mobile wallet from Wanchain website if you didn't install it:


Click on OK to upgrade on your mobile wallet if you have installed Wanchain mobile wallet