Open Finance is
Currently Broken

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it, but public and private blockchain networks are still operating in isolation. Open Finance must be connected.

Open finance is enabling financial freedom, empowerment, and connectedness that we’ve never experienced in history. We seek to accelerate this change through global connectivity.




Multi-Blockchain Financial Superhub

Wanchain is the world’s most advanced blockchain interoperability platform

Just as Wide Area Networks (WAN) connected the world’s isolated Local Area Networks …

… Wanchain is connecting all isolated public and private blockchains to allow flow of the world’s digital assets and data.

How Does It Work?


Lock tokens on original blockchain using decentralised, non-custodial mechanism.


Issue proxy tokens on target blockchain.


Use proxy tokens in DAPPs throughout Wanchain’s crosschain ecosystem.


Burn the proxy tokens and unlock the original tokens.

Real World Applications

Wanchain provides the economic infrastructure for developers to build super financial applications that span multiple blockchains and communities.

  • Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange
  • Cross-Chain Mobile Payments
  • Connected Enterprise Blockchain
  • Decentralized Financial Applications

WAN Token Utility

WAN Token being the native token of Wanchain offers various functions alongside basic value storage and transfer.

  • Proof of Stake Block Rewards
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Node Staking Rewards
  • Transaction Fees

Pioneering the Future of Finance

We have a passion for innovating and shaping the direction of the new digital economy with our seasoned experts,  industry veterans, and driven young talent.

Connecting and Empowering Communities

We know we can’t achieve our vision alone. We are building out a powerful network of top technology partners, decentralized finance applications, and industry-leading consortia.

We are continously building new strategic relationships and supporting companies choosing to leverage Wanchain’s cross-chain technology.